COVID-19 Precautions

We are taking numerous precautions to keep our patrons and staff healthy as we slowly re-open our Ninja Classes, Field Trip Events, Birthday Parties and Team Building Events.  

  • All patrons will be asked to remove shoes upon entry into the arena and placed on a rolling cart.

  • Temperature checks will be taken with a no touch, infrared thermometer.

  • Hands will be washed/sanitized for every participant prior to entering the arena floor.

  • Kids who touch their faces, sneeze, or cough consistently will be asked to leave the floor or wash their hands by coaches. To prevent sickness or any outbreaks, we recommend parents and coaches to encourage kids washing hands after making contact or after activities. 

  • Warrior Challenge Arena will have the discretion to send participants home throughout the day that exhibit cold/flu-like symptoms.

  • We also would recommend parents to call ahead of time before class time to inform staff of children missing class due to illness.

  • Please do not attend classes or events if you're feeling ill or have symptoms. We would greatly appreciate the heads up on sick students or participants beforehand. 

  • Public water fountains will not be used.  Bottled water will be available for purchase or you can bring your own water bottle.

  • Arena surfaces will be cleaned frequently throughout the day and between activities.

  • Social distancing will be encouraged for all participants and non-participants while in the arena.

  • Hands will be re-washed/sanitized after each bathroom or snack break.

Important Message

Masks are optional for all ages and participants. We encourage those who choose to wear masks and those who don't as long as social distancing is practiced.