Kidz Camps

Take a peak at what is to come!

Do your kids have seemingly endless energy?  Register them for a Two, Three, Four or Five Hour Ninja Camp! Our personable, professional, and dedicated Coaches will guide your kiddos through aerial swinging challenges, team challenges, stunt games, ninja warrior obstacles and any one of 100's of different awesome games and activities!

*Kidz Camps take place on specific, scheduled 

weekdays & during most school breaks



​Important Notes:

  • All participants must have a signed waiver 

  • Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing.

  • Shoes will be removed during play; socks are optional.

  • If you are coming for a 2 or 3 hour camp bring a light snack such as granola, fruits and/or cheese for your kids.  

  • 4 and 5 hour camp will allow 20-30 minutes for a sack lunch.

Upcoming Camps 

Fall Break

Oct. 13 - 10a-3p - $75

Oct. 14 - 10a-2p - $65

Oct. 20 - 10a-3p - $75

Oct. 21 - 10a-2p - $65

Nov. 21 - 10a-3p - $75

Nov. 23 - 10a-3p - $75

Nov. 25 - 10a-2p - $65


1 hr Drop-In

1.5 & 2 hr CAMPS

3,4,& 5 hr CAMPS

Trial Ninja Class

 Held weekdays at special times throughout the year

Held weekdays at
special times
throughout the year

$25 per hour

$34-$44 each

$55, $65 or $75 each

Ages: 6-Adults

Ages: 5-13 yrs

Ages: 5-13 yrs

Online registrations must be submitted at least 24 hrs in advance! 

If you want to join a Camp or Drop-In that will begin in less than 24 hrs please call 720-370-9700 and our staff can help you register.


Cancellation Policy:  If you cannot attend your Camp or Drop-In and notify us in advance, we can move your reservation to another date and time.  Refunds can not be processed.