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Meet Our Trainers!

Taylor Overmiller

Head Trainer / Lead Coach

I'm coach Taylor Overmiller who originally resided in Portland, where I owned my own personal training business (Portland Outdoor Athletics) and co-founded a company that hosts athletic competitions (All Terrain Events). I'm a lifelong competitive athlete, focusing on obstacle course races over the past few years, atop my background as a collegiate Track & Cross Country student-athlete and Army Officer. A student of movement, my Spartan Race SGX level 1 & 2 plus World Parkour and Freerunning Federation level 1 & 2 certifications pair nicely with my biology degree to provide unique style of functional fitness, which I look forward to continuing to develop at Warrior Challenge Arena! 

Kyle Sanders

Lead Coach

I'm coach Kyle who owns SEEK More Training that offers professional development workshops and corporate team building activities right here at Warrior Challenge Arena. With the support of my wife, I became a ninja at the age of 40 after tackling college football, college baseball, high school basketball, running, weight training, and 14er hiking. As a homeschool dad, my 3 kids will usually be within a lache, flip, or vault away. I pride myself on developing F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. Warriors inside and outside Warrior Challenge Arena as I also coach youth football, basketball, and baseball. I love bringing the fun and entertainment to every person I encounter.

Daniel Osbourn

Lead Coach

I'm coach Daniel and I love working with kids and teaching the youth about working as a team along with treating others with respect. Being the first coach here at Warrior Challenge Arena, I strive to influence and motivate individuals who want to become warriors and unleash their inner-warrior. I too have been a young warrior myself growing up and aim to inspire those who walk the same path as my youth history. Having multiple jobs, I learn about time management and love spending majority of it with the students who attend Warrior Challenge Arena.

Leo Wood

Assistant Coach/Trainer

I'm coach Leo and I've been doing this activity and sport since a young age. I love kids of all age and participate in multiple activities and sporting hobbies. I'm a competitor for the Colorado Ninja League. I aim to inspire other children and teens like me. I've been doing parkour since I was 6 and look to teach others to follow my footsteps. I started parkour at a park and transitioned to a circus school. Other young adults like me can do the same activities as long as they believe in their selves.