You're In Good Hands

We have a unique team of Warrior Coaches that combine elite athleticism, creative genius, and fun-loving personalities. 

Let's introduce you to them!

Michael Homan

Owner / Lead Coach

Taylor Overmiller

Lead Coach

Kyle Sanders

Lead Coach

Coach Michael is one of the founders of Warrior Challenge Arena and will serve as a lead coach here as well when the need arises.  You will often see him behind the computer at the front desk, but don't let that fool you, he can bring the energy to the arena floor and the event to life for you and your group.  Families are known to reflect years later on events that are facilitated for them here.  As a husband and father of three, He always does his best to make sure to keep kids and adults alike entertained.

Coach Taylor is a lifelong competitive athlete, focusing on obstacle course races over the past few years, atop his background as a collegiate Track & Cross Country student-athlete and Army Officer. A student of movement, his Spartan Race SGX level 1 & 2 plus World Parkour and Freerunning Federation level 1 & 2 certifications pair nicely with his biology degree to provide unique style of functional fitness, which he looks forward to continuing to develop at Warrior Challenge Arena! 

Coach Kyle heads up our homeschool programs and professional development workshops here at Warrior Challenge Arena. With the support of his wife, he has became a ninja at the age of 40 after a successful college football and baseball career.  In addition to Ninja Training, he also enjoys running, weight training, and 14er hiking. As a homeschool dad, his 3 kids will usually be a lache, flip, or vault away. His passion is developing F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. Warriors inside and outside Warrior Challenge Arena, coaching youth football, basketball, and baseball. 

Dan Osbourn

Lead Coach


Coach Dan has a passion for working with kids and instructing youth about working together as a team. Being the first coach here at Warrior Challenge Arena, he strives to influence and motivate individuals who want to become warriors. He was a student of this type of environment growing up and aims to inspire those who walk a similar path.


Lead Coach


Assistant Coach


Coach Chloe is an assistant coach here at Warrior Challenge Arena. Working with kids has brought more joy to her life than she ever thought possible. Chloe wants to be a positive role model to all our students and will go out of my way to keep everyone engaged and focused to get the most out of their experience here.

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Coach Alex enjoys challenging youth and adults along with giving hope to those in need. You will normally find him running weekend parties as he has another full time commitment during the week, but gets energized coming into this environment with his experiences and background to bring smiles and laughter to the groups he hosts. 


Leo Wood

Assistant Coach

Coach Leo has been a student of movement from the age of six. He loves watching kids develop their athleticism and enjoys coaching these young athletes to achieve their next personal goal. As a Ninja athlete himself, he aims to inspire and motivate youth and teens to greatness. 

Luna Wood

Junior Coach


Jr. Coach Luna has been a student here at Warrior Challenge Arena for the past four years.  She also enjoys rock climbing, hip hop choreography, and break dancing. She has stepped into the role of working with younger kids and tweens and setting herself as a role model for them.